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Will you be mine forever?

A young couple named Grayson Bailey and Nina Taylor move from Maryland to Philadelphia to take the next step in their relationship. On a date by the Delaware River, they eat lunch, start people watching and fantasizing about their future family together, and joke about getting married. Grayson starts to have stomach pains and it worsens the night after their date. Something is off. Frantic, Nina rushes Grayson to the hospital in hopes to confirm that he only has food poisoning. Little did they know that Grayson would be diagnosed with something much worse.




I wanted to execute this film project for a couple of reasons. One reason is that I have always enjoyed viewing and now making romance and young adult drama films. I also want to tell this story because I want to expose how anyone can come face to face with life’s finite disposition, regardless of age. Additionally, living in a time like the COVID- 19 pandemic has made me more aware of how relationship dynamics are tested by difficult and uncertain circumstances. Though I wasn’t the one going through cancer or having to immediately take care of someone who had cancer, my Granddad’s cancer scare made me realize just how quickly our lives can change. As I watched the dynamics between my grandparents shift completely when my granddad was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, I started to wonder how it would feel for someone younger to endure all the new responsibilities that my grandmother had to take on.

Though there are many tragic love stories out there, especially ones that revolve around illness, I haven’t seen many films in this category that revolve around a young couple who is beyond the teenage and/or ”college” age group. The age group of 22-35 is an interesting group to play with because there are so many mature topics to explore. For instance in my film, the two main characters are in their early-mid 20s and in a post-grad mindset of getting established in their careers and taking the next step in their relationship. They are not necessarily engaged, but they are moving in that direction. And having a film that plays with the idea of crushing that momentum in their young lives, by implementing cancer as an obstacle for their relationship, is something that will differentiate it from the teen drama films that explore romances with an ill character or characters.

- Reigna Wren, August 2020



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